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(ENG) Unbelievable moment ^.^ (EXO Fandom)

COUPLE:Donghyun & Youngmin /DongMin ♥
GENRE:romance, yaoi (aegyo)

Annnyeong ^.^

Okay, neviem koľkí z Vás sú ochotní čítať poviedky v angličtine, ale tak za skúšku to stojí ^.^ . Táto poviedka bola pôvodne napísaná len pre G+  komunitu a pre AsianFanFic…ale nechcem aby ste ostali na osoch, tak som sa rozhodla ju hodiť aj sem ^.^ ..Nebojte dopíšem aj preklad, ale kým to urobím, tak tu máte zatiaľ originál ^.^…..Ach, niežeby KaiSoo boli mojou závislosťou, ale tento príbeh sa mi na nich hodil..Viete, pôvodne to bola hetero poviedka, ale čo pre Vás neurobím?? xD


COUPLE: Kai & D.O / KaiSoo


GENRE: romance, yaoi, school life

AUTHOR: Enny =:)

It was day like today. Warm and sunny school day. I was going to school like always with my MP3 earphones in my ears and listeningsome of my favorite songs. It had to be one of these other ‘boring days‘ as I though, but I was mistaken. Whole time in school was nothing special, but when I was going to home..Everything has changed
I was preparing for leaving. I took my books of locker. Not all of them, only those I need to learn of.  I was walking through the corridor with my head bowed to the ground, when suddenly I hit to the someone. I lost my balance and fell down on the floor. My books  was straggled everywhere, and my butt hurt. “Atatatata..” sounded my words of pain.
“Oh I am sorry, are you alright?”  somebody asked me.
“Y-yeah..I think I am…” I said and look at THAT person, who made me fell down. “It was my fault, you don’t need to say sorry.” I smiled and looked to HIS eyes. And then..I was like lost in paradise! His eyes were so beautiful, deep and hypnotizing. I saw that boy for the first time and I was like..hmm..I don’t know how to call it..But my heart suddenly started to beat faster then before. He smiled at me and my body started to shake. Said somebody, that love on the first side doesn’t exist? Then it’s totally false! It have to be love..if it’s not..then what other?
He helped me to stand on my feet and then he took all of my books and gave it to me. “Th-thanks..” I said with some strange feeling in my voice.  “Are you really okay? I’m really sorry, I didn’t see you. I was lost in my own thoughts a bit.” he said.  I just smiled and said:” I’m alright. It was my fault too,.  He smiled at me back and then he asked:” How it’s possible, that I haven’t see you here never before?”
“I-I don’t know..m-maybe both of us were too oblivious.” I said simply with shy smile on my face. He started to laugh. “Yeah, you are right. But it’s mess, cuz I’ve never seen someone so cute as you are.”   when he said THIS, it was like he all at once realised what he just said, and angled view to the side. My face started to burn out. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t expect words like this from someone I met just right now.It was silence for a moment but then he finally said ” I-I am Kai. And you?” I finally looked at him with my cheek still red and  answered:” I-I am Kyungsoo.” My voice was quite quite.  “Nice name and nice to meet you, Kyungsoo.” he smiled at me and gave me a ‘heart attack‘. Really, I was totally out of my mind because of that angel.^^…. I shyly smiled at him. ” I have to go now..” I said and started to walk away, but in that moment he called at me:” Kyungsoo!” I turned and happily looked at him. “Can I meet you someday?”  he asked. I was in shock. Maybe it was because I didn’t expect, that I can attract beautiful and cute boy like this. I felt really happy so I said:”  S-sure.” and then simply run away. I felt his glance on my back for a moment…I wonder how long he stayed there and looked the way I run? It was so embarassing situation and I was like an idiot. Aish..couldn’t I say something more then ‘S-sure’? …Omo Kyungsoo why are you so such a big fool?….Aiish..I go crazy one day because of me!…
Next day in school I was a little tired…you know why?..Because I couldn’t sleep whole night and that’s everything cuz of Kai! Yes he totally confused my head….To me, something like that has never happened before.
I was stting on my chair and drawing some meanigless pictures on my desk, when my classmate called me out. I looked on him and he said, that someone is looking for me. I was suprised. Who can look for me now? ..I stood up and walk to the door, and  then I saw HIM , Kai. He was standing right outside the door, he was waiting on me. I was about to die. “Ehm..Kai?”  He looked at me and gave me a cute smile. “Kyungsoo! I am happy that I found you.” he said. My heart was beating so loud! I didn’t know what to say. ” I hope you don’t mind it.” he smiled. “N-No I am happy.” I said with blushing face. “Oh, that’s good.” he said and took my hand. It was so warm touch and I was trembling so badly. We were looking at each other and chatting for a while. Then he asked me out after the school. I was so excited so I said ‘YES’ withou any hesitation. The rest of the day I wasn’t thinking on anything else than Kai. I was totally restless.
After the school Kai was waiting on me next to my locker. It’s really cute, he remembered the place, when we met each other for the first time. With brave smile on my face we went to the amusent park, coffee shop.We ate ice cream.. just mess around. It was the most beautiful day of my life.  At the evening he took me home. We were standing in front of my house. He kept my hand and looked to my eyes. “Thank you for a gorgeous day.” he said.
“I have to thank you too. For me, this is the best day ever and I don’t want to forget it.” I smiled.
Right, after this, he put his hand on my cheek and tenderly stroked me. I felt like I am in seven heaven. “You are so perfect. I’m so thankful, that I met you yesterday.” he said. I shyly smiled at him. My heart was like a crazy.  “Can I meet you next time? Can I be with you everyday? Or better says, can you be my boyfriend?” he suddenly asked me. I was looking at him. It was unbelievable moment. My body trembled of luck. I couldn’t say a one simple word, so I just nodded. He smiled at me and then he gave me my FIRST KISS. It was so wonderful, so tender…I was about to cry..but I didn’t ^^…I just started to kiss him back even if I was too inexperienced xD.  Then he closed me in his warm arms. I hug him back  and leaned my head on his shoulder. It was like we are only one in this endless space. Time was stopped. It was beautiful and full of giant joy.
So what about you? Do you believe love on the first side?


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